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Hey there, I’m Philipp, a Software Engineer working in the Applied Cryptography and Open Source space.

On this website you’ll find resources covering everything related to Cryptography, Data Privacy and Data Security.

If you want to get in touch you can send me an E-Mail to


Throughout my professional career I worked on various projects in the Applied Cryptography, Blockchain and Open Source fields.

As a member of a Blockchain company’s Research- and Development division I helped in building a centralized as well as decentralized liquidity bridge between Blockchains that used advanced cryptography such as Distributed Key Generation and Threshold Signature Schemes via Secure Multi-Party Computation to move funds from one chain to the other.

I also built a copyright management and monetization platform for a startup that helps creators turn their content into financial assets by minting NFTs on a Blockchain.

Given my passion for Open Source software I also worked as a core maintainer for a startup that built one of the largest Open Source projects in the Cloud Computing space.